Welcome to Vrgorac
Hotel Prvan Vrgorac | Ethno Village Kokorići

Does it happen to you that you are oversupplied with the hurriedness and endless running for work, with the flurry of the city and the smog of metropolis, with the dirty rivers and the heavy air, with sour rains and unclear sky, so that you just for a moment would like to turn back to the «paradise gardens» of the preindustrial society and feel the primordial peace, touch the clearness of the rivers, breath the sky, and look at the peaks of the old mountains,coming back just for a moment to the time when people lived in cooperation with the nature and in the nature and in such a way overcome the restlessnes and the quick way of modern life ?

f your answer to this question is YES, you have to come to the hotel Prvan and choose one (or more) of the programmes for active vacation we offer and you’ll meet the unbeliavable experience of the primordial peace and life with nature!

Hotel Prvan is located in the centre of Vrgorac, at the crossing of the roads for Metković, Ploče, Makarska and Međugorje. The hotel is open the whole year and offers besides the every-day facilities many other attractive tourist facilities and programmes.

Bike Trails

Discover Dalmatia following the narrow and abandoned paths, overgrown brooks, climb to the deserted villages where yesterday people lived. Get know by bike all unhidden beauty of the life which is disappearing slowly and giving place to the urban circumstances and a new-coming time.

Hilling Trails

he programme of active holidays offered by hotel «Prvan» will make your experience of Dalmatia richer in a way which is different from that you see in promotional films. You have to make your soul alive and to become an explorer. Discover Dalmatia in a way you will never forget it.
Besides programme we noticed before it will be organized learning the ethno-village «Kokorići» with ethno-collection and fertile vineyards in the Vrgorac fields.

Tourist Programmes

Hotel Prvan organizes a lot of attractive tourist programmes and excursions through the surroundings around mountain Biokovo. Hiking tours through the trial of Alberto Fortis, climbing the peaks of Biokovo, going down to a mine’s hole and underground rivers, mountaine bike tours, wine roads, rowing down the river in an old boat etc open us the hidden Dalmatia in all its primordial beauty. Of course, you’ll find there unforgettable getting’s together in original Dalmatian ambience, strawberry, apple and grapes picking…

All that can give you an unforgettable experience of the connection of life with nature as it was before, to give you energy and take you away from your everyday life just for a while.

For any further questions about theese excursions in nature, please contact us.

The city of Vrgorac (once it was called Vrh-gorac because of its location on the top of the hill) is a medieval city situated on the slopes of the mountain Biokovo, between the region of Dalmatia and Herzegovina. We call it sometimes Tin’s city because it is a birth place of famous Croatian poet Augustin Tin Ujević. The small city in the hidden Dalmatia is the real oasis of the mild Mediterranean and partly a continental climate, with clear air full of smells of Mediterranean healing plants. The nature is well preserved with the karst beauties which hide a lot of secrets, caves, gentle karst fields with springs and unexpected beauties.

Vrgorac is connected by road with the nearby attractive tourist destinations: Makarska (36 km), Baćinska jezera (Lakes) 24 km, mouth of a river Neretva (25 km), Metković (35 km), Roman Narona and Vid (25 km), Pilgrim village Međugorje (28 km), river Tihaljina with the springs and waterfalls of Koćuša (11 km), waterfall Kravice (23 km), Imotski with the Blue and Red Lake (38km). The Nature Park of Biokovo Mountain consists partly of a western part of the Vrgorac surroundings making in such a way a natural combination of the coastal area and the area behind the mountain Biokovo.