is one of the most beautiful tour. The old paths, which once connected the coastal part and zagora were mostly disappeared and are alive again thanks to the great number of nature lovers and visitors od an unspoiled nature. The eternal play of stone and rare plants gives to this trip a touch of an adventure, almost identical to those, about which the Italian travel writer Alberto Fortis wrote in his book «Viaggio in Dalmazia».

Feel you too the spirit of the past time ant turn back with us to the year 1770 when Alberto Fortis was going through these paths across the mountains Biokovo and Rilić to the small settlement Kokorići where he met the duke Antun Prvan «Pržo», whose guest he was. By this opportunity, staying in the castle which is preserved until today, he wrote down one of the most beautiful ballads written in Croatian language «Hasanaginica», which has still today the same lifepower and original beauty. There is an original assumption that Hasanaginica was born in the village Kokorići.

Walking through the paths of our ancestors you can feel the unspoiled nature and the smell of the aromatic plants which will make you a part of the nature, of the space you can’t see in Europa. You’ll meet the old trades and see the traces of the eternal fight of a man with a nature in these areas.

It is an experience you simply must feel…

In Kokorići, in the tower (a birth-place) of Duke Prvan «Prže» you’ll be awaited with karst-fruits: dried figs, brandy, cheese, Dalmatian pršut (ham), goat cheese, bread (under «peka»)-everything home-made.

Lunch in the konoba (tavern) Pervan with specialities under «peka» or from the roasting-spit). Wines «Prvan» and «Bunina» etc.