Dalmatia has its natural beauties which are not reachable to every tourist. The eternal play of stone and water during centuries has made forms which the best sculptures cannot create. It is a world of peace, primordial clearness and unspoiled nature.

If you want to make step into this world, it means to make up your mind for adventure, to discover a world full of myths of the past times, which are stopped there in the space and time. Dalmatian zagora and the primordial beauty of the karst belongs to this world and you can touch it with this unique programme. It is uniqe because you will discover the hidden Dalmatia and have an opportunity to make it eternal in your memories with your cameras.

To go into this world means to feel the quietness like the best melody, to feel the world on the other side of the mirror.

A 3-days programme includes a special kind of vacation combined as vacation-education. The participants will get know this parts of Dalmatian zagora (natural and cultural), especially those you can’t find in another places. For example you will go to the old and deserted tar mine «Paklina», the only one in Europe. The tar from this mine was used for the streets in Vienna. A real adventure is going down to the cave «Betina», which overflows the whole field «Bunina» when it rains a lot. There are other caves, too.

Programme 1. Day.
Transfer from the airport Split (or other destination to Vrgorac) 240 km above sea level. Dinner and overnight in Hotel «Prvan» in Vrgorac

Programme 2. Day
Breakfast in the hotel .Sightseeing of the surroundings. Visiting of ethno-village Kokorići. Departure to the cave «Betina», going down. Lunch in ethno-village. After lunch visiting of ethno collection. Going to the mine PAKLINA and entering the mine. Taking the peaces of tar as souvenirs and dinner in hotel. Overnight.

Programme 3. Day
Breakfast in hotel. Departure to ethno-village Kokorići. Climbing the hill RILIĆ to the cave without bottom – «ZJATVA». Going down the cave with diameter 150 m until depth of 200 m. After that return to the ethno-village and lunch in historical ambience.

Discover hidden Dalmatia with this programme which offers you an adventure and first class experience. There is another world in the depths of Dalmatian karst. Besides, you can taste the specialities of hotel «Prvan» gastro-offer in ethno-village Kokorić and a wide offer of Wine from a family wine cellar. Bread made «under the peka» is a real speciality. These areas tell us many stories about their turbulent past, here has Alberto Fortis for the first time noticed the famous epos «Hasanaginica». If you once visit Biokovo and Rilić mountains you’ll always come again.

Remember: You have to take comfortable shoes and suitable clothes of the stay in mountains. The programme demands also relatively good physical good condition.