The programme of active holidays offered by hotel «Prvan» will make your experience of Dalmatia richer in a way which is different from that you see in promotional films. You have to make your soul alive and to become an explorer. Discover Dalmatia in a way you will never forget it.
Besides programme we noticed before it will be organized learning the ethno-village «Kokorići» with ethno-collection and fertile vineyards in the Vrgorac fields. Lun

That will be the excursion you will always remember.

The mountain peaks of Dalmatian zagora have their charm, history and future. They call us to feel the passion of the time in the stone areas. To be with the mountain means to be with yourself, to come back to yourself and touch the untouchable part, there, where the human foot has never stopped. That is a challenge and it calls us to feel a real adventure, to feel the passion of an unspoiled nature, to be part of it and to testify that those spaces still exist.

Hotel «Prvan»- Vrgorac offers you a 5-days trip of an active holiday and meeting with an unspoiled nature. Choose you too the vacation which became a hit. Be a subject of an active holiday, create it by yourself according to your needs and wishes. The choice will be good for you. The programme includes 5-days stay in ethno-village Kokorići, sightseeing of historical and cultural heritage and an excellent gastronomy. You have also a driving by an old boat down the river Matica – an adventure you’ll always remember.
If you wish, some parts of the programme could be realized as one-day excursion. It is up to you. Here the programme.



Mountain is situated above Vrgorac. With its stone cliffs and nature beauties it is a pearl of the karst. To conquer this mountain peak you have to be persistent and brave in a meeting with the impassable paths. Take the ways where human foot has never stopped.

Programme includes:
-Breakfast in ethno-village Prvan
-Way to the mountain with the guide
-lunch in the nature
-going down
-dinner in ethno village
-drinking and entertainment



Mountain is situated on the northwest part of the municipality of Vrgorac and is beautiful as the other karst parts of these area. It is a real experience to climb up to the peak, which is always hidden in the clouds.

Programme includes:
-Going to the mountain and climbing
-Lunch in the nature
-Going down
-Return to the ethno-village
-Drinking and entertainment



The last trail of the programme is Vrgorac . In this mountain tour you visit the historical and natural beauties of the city of Vrgorac, searching for the lost time behind the old walls which are the witnesses of the hard and turbulent past in these areas.. It includes visiting of relatively deserted villages and cultural heritage.
– Rising towards Ilić glavica and visiting of the deserted village
– Rising to Maskara, panoramic view to Vrgorac
– Rising to the old Gradina and the ruins of Turkish and Venice fortress

Programme includes:
– Breakfast in ethno-village Kokorići
– Departure to mountain location
– Way through the planned spaces and learning the old architecture and sites
– Feast-lunch in ethno-village «Kokorići»
– Departure to the river Matica and driving down the river by wooden boat
– Return to the hotel on the Makarska Riviera



Biokovo is the highest peak in Dalmatia. The mountain separates the most beautiful coast and the sea from the secret spaces of Dalmatian zagora Its peak St. Jure cuts the clouds. From its peaks there are panoramic views till Italy from one side and Bosnia from another side. It is a picture you have simply to experience. To climb up to the mountain Biokovo is far the greatest adventure. It is an excellent game between the human strength and persistence and the cruel nature. At any case, those who end this tour can testify about the beauties they have seen, which the mountain offers only to the most bravest. Be one of them.

Programme includes:
– Breakfast in ethno-village
– Climbing the mountain
– Lunch in the nature
– Return to the ethno-village
– Get together dinner and entertainment



Rilić is a mountain which follows Biokovo and divides the fertile karst field Bunina and ethno-village Kokorići from the coastal part. Across Rilići went the traffic and trade, tobacco black market and wine in the past. That is the way Alberto Fortis was going to come to the village Kokorići. The mountain is full of secrets, hidden paths and nature beauties. Here is the cave «Zjatva» and the other natural karst beauties. The fairy-tales told at fire-places got alive in this mountain which tells us stories with every stone and aromatic plant about an eternal fight of a man and nature. Try this experience!

Programme includes:
– Breakfast in ethno-village «Kokorići»
– Departure for mountain, climbing
– Lunch in the nature
– Going down
– Return to ethno-village
– Dinner
– Drinking
– Entertainment