Discover Dalmatia following the narrow and abandoned paths, overgrown brooks, climb to the deserted villages where yesterday people lived. Get know by bike all unhidden beauty of the life which is disappearing slowly and giving place to the urban circumstances and a new-coming time.
Inspired with these needs for active tourism hotel «Prvan» organizes for the groups of 8-10 tourists with bikes an unusual experience. Biking through the places where time has stopped, where the real and healthy life still exists, where the air is still full of smell of rosemary, heathhear and sage will make you be born again. Try another way of active tourism in which you will be the subject in discovering the world instead making the world by someone else.

The programme offered by hotel «Prvan» includes a 5-days active holiday with a quality accommodation and 5 attractive routes by bike. It is based on a fact that you get know the beauties of Dalmatian zagora, its coastal part and the Neretva valley during the moving by bike on the challenging trials. There is of course the sightseeing of cultural heritage of this area. First of all you will visit the ethno village Kokorići and the ethno collection, there is also the visit to the old Turkish and Venice fortress above Vrgorac (on the hill Gradina) and at the end visit to the most important historical finds from Roman time- in the Neretva valley in today’s Vid and Roman Narona. The rich traditionally gastro-offer and local home made wines will make these trips more interesting. The end of the programme is planned for the visit of many vineyards and fruit plantations and a drive by an old wooden ship down the small river Matica!

The 5-days programme is divided in 5 separated parts:
– Bike trail «Vrgoračka polja» («Vrgorac fields»)
– Bike trail «On the traces of Narona»
– Bike trail « Mountain trial»
– Bike trail «Napoleon path»
– Bath Trail « From Paklina to Međugorje»

Vrgorac Fields

Includes biking through all 3 fields of Vrgorac: Bunina, through the place Kutac field Jezero (till Staševica), after that climbing the road toward the place V. Prolog till Podprolog and then across the Vrgorac bridge to the field Rastok. After visiting the field take the road Orah-Vrgorac. This is a starting section and is not too hard, about 45-50 km long with relatively small rising grade. Breakfast and dinner are included in the programme and you get for lunch a lunch-package. In the field Jezero the visiting of vineyards is planned and in Vrgorac field Rastok you will see the plantations of apples and strawberries.

On the Traces of Narona

The bike trail goes to the direction Vrgorac-Metković-Vid (Narona)-Vrgorac (84 km). In Vid is the visiting of the well-known archaeological site from the Roman time planned. Like on the day departure is from the hotel «Prvan» and return in the evening.Breakfast and dinner are in the hotel or ethno village Kokorići and lunch-package for lunch. Biking through the picturesque surroundings of Neretva valley the participants will get know one of the most beautiful delta in Europe, that of the river Neretva.
The delta of Neretva is rich in fish but also in many kinds of resident birds. The bike trail is not too challenging because there are no rising grades but it has more kilometres than the first one. The real pleasure of this trial is visiting the archaeological site in Narona which will be museum soon. It is a chance you should not miss.

Mountain Trial

The most challenging trial for the participants. It starts in Vrgorac through the place Prapatnica and Stilj towards the area of Lukovi and Milina zasida. From there it goes down towards the place Mijaca and Žlibina, after that you climb to Poljica (Igrišće) and after that southward to Kozica (Antunovići) goes down to DC 62 to Vrgorac. The trail has ca 100 km, and ca 50% rising grade. Breakfast and dinner in hotel, lunch-package on the trail.

Napoleon Trail

One of the best-known monuments during the French government in these surroundings is building of «Napoleon Trail» which was built by famous French Marscal Marmount. It was a main road for a long time but in the last time the section Vrgorac-Ravča-Makarska is more used. But the memories about Napoleon among rare population in these areas are still alive To his honour this tour is organized which goes from Vrgorac to the pass «Turija» to the memory- plate to the people who built the road and back. This section has less rising grades and the length is 70 km. Breakfast and dinner in hotel, lunch-package. In the place Rašćane visiting of the settlement Veliki Godinj, which is a juwel of an urban village architecture in an almost deserted village.

From Paklina to Međugorje

– It is the last from the 5 bike tours which goes to «Paklina», the only one mine of the natural tar in Europa, in the Bunina field. After that the bikers drive through Vrgorac to the state border with Bosnia and Herzegovina ( please take your passports with you to cross the border). The way goes further to Ljubuški and after that the visiting of waterfalls Kravica follows. After that the tours goes to Međugorje where a pause is planned (for going to the church or shopping) and after that return to Vrgorac. The tour has 70 km. The lunch is planned in Vrgorac or in ethno-village Kokorići in the afternoon. After a small pause the tour goes to the Jezero field and driving by old wooden boats follows after rowing and driving the boats the 5-days tour of getting known tour of Dalmatia and visiting of B and H by bike ends.


Hotel «Prvan» doesn’t offer in his bike programme just an adventure on bikes but also many things you’ll discover. First of all, you’ll get know the ethno-village «Kokorići», the old city of Vrgorac and local gastro- specialities of Dalmatian-zagora and all this in eco- surroundings because there is no factory 100 km around. We offer you a healthy stay in the nature in the area where not many people live but where people are friendly and are glad to be with the guests. You will still find here the smell of the aromatic plants in the air and you will find here things what the active tourist are looking for, not to be the object but the subject of the tourist offer.
The price of the 5-days programme as the other facilities will be dealed before realizing the programme.
Each trial from the programme can be realized as one-day tour or more days tour and the offer is valid for 8-10 persons. We can make the programme more challenging in the case professionals (sportsmen) have such needs.

Hotel «Prvan» offers a comfortable accommodation with a place for the bikes. All rooms are acclimatised, you have a café bar and an excellent and autochthones Dalmatian meals like meat under («peka») lamb from the spit, home-made bread under «peka» and a rich offer of home made wines. If you are a biker, a 5-days bike programme is the right choice for you, you can trust us.


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