A three-days programme «The Beauties if Zagora» is a combination of 3 programmes which are organized by hotel «Prvan»: mountains, rivers and depths.

That is a real adventure which will make you breathtaking in three days.

You’ll conquer the mountain peaks which cut the clouds and enjoy the clear air and unspoiled nature. The visiting and stay in ethno-village Kokorići combined with the tasty traditional food is another experience. Here is Dalmatia different from coastal Dalmatia. It is stone Dalmatia, very spare but rich in history. You’ll drive down the river Matica with traditional wooden boats and go down to the caves. A breathtaking experience!

– The programme includes: climbing, rowing or using the boat or old boats, going down the karst caves
– You have to have physically good condition and clothes and shoes for nature

Getting know the history of the area
During the stay it is planned to get know the historical sites of the city of Vrgorac.
First you visit the old city fortress GRADINA which dominates over Vrgorac. There is also visit to the ethno-village Kokorići, getting known the history and architecture of the place, where the travel writer Alberto Fortis for the first time wrote down the epic «Hasanaginica» by which even Goethe was delighted., visit to the tar mine «Paklina» etc.

1. DAY
Transfer from the airport or other destination to Vrgorac. Accommodation in hotel «Prvan». Rest and preparation for programme. After that getting known the city of Vrgorac and its cultural sites. Visiting the old feortress. Lunch in the hotel.
Pause after the lunch and going to Kokorići-ethno-village, visiting the ethno-collection. In the afternoon departure to the tar mine «Paklina» (the only one natural tar mine in Europa)
Visiting of field «Bunina». Dinner in the tavern in Kokorići. Return to Vrgorac. Overnight.

2. DAY
Breakfast in the hotel
Preparation for departure to the hiking tour – Matokit
Climbing and return to Vrgorac
Lunch in the hotel «Prvan» in Vrgorac
After lunch pause

3. DAY
Breakfast in the hotel «Prvan»
Departure to Ethno-village Kokorići, climbing the mountain Rilić
Coming to the cave Zjatva and going down
Return to the village Kokorići an feast lunch (lamb under the «peka» or from the «roasting-spit»)

After lunch short pause
Departure to Vrgorac and taking luggage
Departure to the field Jezero
Driving by wooden boats (ca 50 min)
After ending the drive departure to the lake Staševica and return across Baćinska jezera (lakes)
End of three-days programme.