To come to Kokorići and not to taste «bikla» means not to feel the unique strength of combination of stone and life in a drink of cyclamen colour which is good for soul and body. You mustn’t miss that opportunity. The «Days of bikla» will help you to realize how small things are great and how the impossible combination of two ingrediences is possible. You can find such an experience only in Kokorići.

To the honor of goat and vine plant!

What is “bikla”?

Bikla is an unique mixture of red wine (must) and fresh goat milk. It is typical for these areas and it was drunk in the evenings at the fire places, talking the legends. Except by interesting colour bikla is very healthy, it is actually an excellent cocktail. This drink offers you the youth and the joy of life.


– Arrival by bus to Vrgorac about 9.00. Sightseeing (Tower etc 1-2 hours)
– Departure to Kokorići
– Visit of underground river Betina
– Visit of the plantation of strawberries and vineyards
– Visit of ethno-village, collection and tower of duke Prvan
– Lunch in the tavern (konoba) ca 12.00 (degustation of bikla during the lunch)
– Going down to the field “Jezero” walking through vineyards
– Driving by old boats from Stinjevac to Lukavac (1-1.30 hours)
– Departure by bus from Lukavac at 14.15 across Baćinska jezera (lakes) to the hotels on Makarska Riviera