Coming to the Vrgorac field «Jezero» which looks like a pool. It is surrounded by the mountain passes from all sides and looks like a sea which has about 15 millions of vine stocks. Going around includes walking through plantations, getting known vine plants etc.. After that we come to the place Milošići and drive with traditional wooden boats. The guests row by themselves to the place Staševica (ca 1 hour).
From Staševica drive by bus to the ethno-village Kokorići, to the tavern (konoba) and ethno-collection Prvan. After that visiting of the underground river «Betina», the tower of Duke Antun Prvan (Prže) and Hasanaginica, dated in 15. century. At the end the guest get rich by home-made specialities like pršut (ham), goat cheese, lamb and bread under «peka», wines «Prvan» and «Bunina».

All our guests were delighted. Check why!